As ongoing shared accommodation residents for the past 10 years, we believe that shared living is much more than a way to save money or a place to stop over until a 'more suitable' accommodation option is available.

It’s an opportunity to live with and meet people from all walks of life; to make life-long friends; a chance to live in extravagant/normally un-affordable houses in prime locations. It is the flexibility of leasing for a short term, vacating with minimal and upfront exit fees and not being responsible for finding a replacement tenant.

We are intent on squashing the dirty, dangerous and generally unpleasant image surrounding shared accommodation. We provide clean, safe and well maintained share homes to suit people from all walks of life. Don’t believe us? Just check the testimonials section….

We do not run backpacker style accommodation but rather homes with a focus on communal living. We provide you with lodging where you look forward to coming home rather than a place to sleep at the end of the night.

YSVG's tenancy arrangement is based around two key words: Simplicity and Flexibility.



In the years of personal shared living, we have seen it all. There is nothing worse than intolerable house rules and overbearing landlords. Now, as landlords ourselves, we have seen the picture through your eyes. A perfect share house is one that requires no interference from management. Our rules are quite simple: It is your house as a sharing tenant; abide by the law, clean up after yourself, don’t abuse the provided amenities and please be respectful of your other housemates.

We have also discovered that bill sharing does not work. You’re not home all day so why pay the same amount of electricity as the person who sits in their room watching TV with the heater blasting all day? Over the years, we have noticed that bill splitting is a key factor in share house tension and have hence decided to take this matter in our own hands. Your stay with us is therefore inclusive of all utility costs including internet and garden maintenance.



We live in a busy and changing world. Your situation today may be significantly different from tomorrow and at YSVG this is appreciated. Often a long lease with difficult exit clauses and lock-in policies is daunting and an unrealistic demand. Additionally, we understand that your shared accommodation experience may not always go according to plan.

That is why we offer our tenants two flexible options:

  • If you move into a house/room and really find yourself not liking the situation, let us know and we can re-locate you to one of our other share houses. There are over 25 houses and close to 180 rooms (and growing) to choose from across the inner South and East of Melbourne, so we can guarantee that there will be something for everyone.
  • If your situation changes/you dislike the house/you need to relocate for personal reasons and you're out of contract, just provide us 28 days’ notice and you are free to leave with a full bond refund. If you are still within contract, the same option will incur an break-lease fee.

We offer simple, flexible, safe and fun homes and take the hassle out of renting. If you are interested in one of our properties, are looking for somewhere to live, thinking of moving into a share house for the first time or are part of a group who are looking to live together, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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