As home owners ourselves we understand the need to protect an investment property. We believe that good investments are about making good decisions. Choosing the right tenant is perhaps the most important factor in the rental game. We have therefore identified five key aspects that are mandatory for your leasing success:

  • Timely Rent
  • Stability
  • Maintenance
  •  Flexibility/Communication
  • Short/No vacancy periods

Timely Rent:

Rent is always transferred into your account a day prior to its due date. We have never made a late rent payment. Furthermore, your rent is guaranteed regardless of whether all rooms are tenanted or empty.


Our business is about maintaining long term relationships with all our clients. At YSVG, we have NEVER ended a tenancy. It is therefore in our interest to remain your tenant for as long as possible. Thus, as the owner you will not have to worry about searching for new tenants or the possibility that the property may be vacant at the end of the lease. This guarantees a set revenue stream for the life of your asset.


The idea of leasing your home to a number of unrelated strangers may clearly appear daunting. Traditionally this kind of rental option can (and often will) put a strain on your property. At YSVG we eliminate this factor by sticking to rigorous cleaning and maintenance schemes. It is in our best interests to have your property upheld to the best of its ability; as a clean and functional house equals happy and long-staying tenants. Additionally, as we have our reputation to protect, we guarantee that we will return your property to its original state no matter the costs (at the end of the tenancy). At YSVG we have always received the bond back in full.

For those owners who don’t want the petty phone calls and headaches of organising repairmen for maintenance works, we also offer lease agreements that include complete property maintenance.


We understand that each person and each asset is different. Sometimes longer, shorter and irregular contracts are needed, additional contract clauses need to be added or clauses may need to be removed. Sometimes contracts need to be cut short in the case of a sale or development. We understand that there are times when you need to access your asset and your tenant or to show someone through. YSVG’s directors are always contactable, flexible and available for communication. We are happy to entertain even the most eccentric of owners.

We also specialise in short term leases for newly acquired properties purchased solely for demolition and development

Short/No on-market time:

As property owners ourselves, we understand that one of the key components of your investment property is that it is actually leased. The less time it spends on the market, the more revenue it generates.

Larger properties are known for remaining vacant for longer. The costs required to lease these properties are therefore significantly higher. At YSVG, we are always on the market for new houses. Our tenant database is huge and rooms are always in demand. One of the major advantages of dealing with YSVG is that we are ready to make an offer on your property at any time and can start the tenancy 2 weeks from the time of the initial phone call. Once we’re in, we’re only leaving if you want us to go.

Although opening the door to shared accommodation might seem formidable, it is actually a safe and easy process with YSVG. If you still have doubts please do not hesitate to request our reputable and extensive reference list. Furthermore if you have any questions or would like to organise a consultation or rental valuation with a YSVG representative, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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